Who Is Nicole Nalepa Married To?

What happened Nalepa Nicole?

She currently serves as a board member for the “Community Music School”, records a weekly show for CRIS Radio, and dedicates much of her free time visiting local schools, reading to students, emceeing numerous events, and raising money for charity..

Who is leaving WFSB?

Two weeks ago WFSB-TV3 started to clean house, parting ways with 28-year veteran anchor Dennis House. And the house cleaning hasn’t stopped. WFSB announced Thursday that it was making further staffing cuts. The biggest name to hit the exit ramp was Eric Parker, the co-anchor of the morning news.

What does Wfsb stand for?

WFSBHartford–New Haven, Connecticut United StatesCall sign meaningFrederick Sessions Beebe (former president of former owner Post-Newsweek Stations)Technical informationLicensing authorityFCCFacility ID5311521 more rows

Who owns WFSB?

Meredith CorporationWFSB is part of Meredith Corporation, headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa. Meredith Corporation (NYSE: MDP; www.meredith.com) has been committed to service journalism for 115 years.

What is the snowiest month in Connecticut?

January 2011January 2011 has become the snowiest month for Connecticut, breaking the record set in 1945. Coincidentally, Connecticut had 45 inches in 1945. We already have 59.8 inches this month. The record for snowiest season was set in 1995-1996 with 115 inches.

Is Scot Haney married?

Scot Haney Spouse He is openly gay. He was married to Paul Marte, Hartford Stage communications manager.

Why did Dennis leave WFSB?

House, 56, would not elaborate on his departure from WFSB, except to say “It was a great 28-year run. … House, who lives in the West End of Hartford with his wife, WFSB’s Kara Sundlun, and two children, said since leaving WFSB he has spent his downtime home-schooling his kids through the COVID pandemic.

Who is Mark Zinni partner?

Mark Zinni Husband Zinni lives in Connecticut with his husband and their dog, Ellie. Mark and his partner relocated from northeast Ohio to Hartford, Connecticut in 2014.

How old is Ann Nyberg?

About 64 years (1957)Ann Nyberg/Age

Who is Kara Sundlun father?

Bruce SundlunKara Sundlun/FathersKara Hewes had never seen her father, Rhode Island Governor Bruce Sundlun, until one transformational moment when she awoke in the middle of the night as a TV news anchor announced his candidacy.

Is Kara Sundlun still on Channel 3?

She has been working at channel 3 since joining in 2000, and has covered many of the biggest stories of our time. She covered the War in Iraq from the nation’s capital and reported live from Ground Zero after terror attacks on 9-11, even traveling to Bosnia to cover our local troops fighting the war on terror.

How old is Sundlun?

Sundlun died in July 2011, at 91.

What is the coldest month in Connecticut?

JanuaryHartford’s coldest month is January when the average temperature overnight is 17.2°F. In July, the warmest month, the average day time temperature rises to 84.9°F.

Did Caitlin Nuclo have her baby?

The couple welcomed a baby girl in February 2019.

What is Scot Haney salary?

$47,300Scot Haney Salary Haney receives an annual salary of $47,300. This is according to the WFSB anchor’s salary.

What happened to Dennis house?

Dennis House, the former longtime anchor at WFSB-TV Channel 3, will return to television early next year as chief political anchor for WTNH-TV Channel 8, based in New Haven. The news, first reported by the Hartford Courant Monday afternoon, was confirmed by House on Twitter later that evening.

Did Irene O’Connor leave WFSB?

Irene O’Connor Leaving WFSB The popular, long-time, WFSB television news anchor announced a big career decision, on the news on April 29 this year 2019. She announced that she is leaving the AM anchor desk.