What Channel Is Peachtree TV On Shaw?

What is Peachtree TV?

Peachtree TVTimeTV Show07:30 amThe King of Queens Ruff Goin’ – Season 9 Episode 508:00 amThe Rachael Ray Show Good Morning America’s’ Robin Roberts is Dishing on Her Latest Project on Lifetime – Season 15 Episode 11609:00 amAtlanta Eats Daily Special09:30 amFunny You Should Ask 04-02-202141 more rows.

What channel is Peachtree TV on Comcast?

Peachtree TV can be found on Comcast channel 7, HDTV channel 20, UHF channel 17, Dish Network Channel 17 and DirectTV Channel 17. Copyright 2017 WGCL-TV (Meredith Corporation).

Whats on Movietime right now?

1:00am. to 3:00am. The Back-Up Plan. … 3:00am. to 6:00am. It. … 6:00am. to 8:00am. My Wife’s Secret Life. … 8:00am. to 10:00am. Obsession: Her Final Vengeance. … 10:00am. to 12:00pm. My Wife’s Secret Life. … 12:00pm. to 2:00pm. Obsession: Her Final Vengeance. … 2:00pm. to 4:30pm. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. … 4:30pm. to 6:30pm. Sully.More items…

What channel is ABC in Georgia?

Stations for Atlanta, GeorgiaDisplay ChannelDigital ChannelNetworkWSB-TVATLANTA, GA02-132.1ABC02-232.2Bounce TV02-332.3Laff130 more rows

When did TBS stop 5 minutes?

TBS Superstation started to cut back “Turner Time” in 1997 and scrapped it completely by 2000.

Is Peachtree TV on YouTube TV?

With all the main 6 broadcast networks covered, perhaps YouTube will start streaming local independent stations like Peachtree TV.

What channels are free on Shaw?

Complimentary channels for Shaw cable customersAll 65 Stingray music channels.Daystar.GameTV.MeTV KVOS.The Shopping Channel.

What was Peachtree TV called before?

WPCH, or Peachtree TV, was known as WTBS in the 1980s, when the Atlanta media mogul turned it into a superstation and distributed it to cable and satellite providers across the country. Through it, baseball fans around the country became fans of Turner’s Atlanta Braves.

What channel is CBS Atlanta?

channel 46WGCL-TV, virtual channel 46 (UHF digital channel 19), is a CBS-affiliated television station licensed to Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

Who put Channel 17 in Atlanta on cable and satellite?

For 30 years, Bill Tush was a comic fixture on Ted Turner’s SuperStation Channel 17, but it wouldn’t have happened had it not been for his Moment in 1974 when he walked into what was then a struggling alternative TV station and asked for a job.

What channel is Outtv on Shaw?

OutTV (Canadian TV channel)ProgrammingSatelliteBell Satellite TVChannel 609 (SD)Shaw DirectChannel 574 (SD)IPTV26 more rows

What cable channel is TBS?

TBS (American TV channel)ProgrammingAvailable on most cable systemsChannel slots vary depending on the providerSatelliteDish NetworkChannel 139 (HD/SD)DirecTVChannel 247 (East; SD/HD) Channel 247-1 (West; HD)29 more rows

What channel is Peachtree TV on?

channel 17WPCH-TV, virtual channel 17 (UHF digital channel 31), branded on-air as Peachtree TV, is an independent television station licensed to Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

How do I watch OUTtv?

Many of your favourite OUTtv programs (including RuPaul’s Drag Race) are available to stream online and on Roku, Apple TV, iOS and Android apps, without a cable TV subscription. For $3.99 a month experience unlimited access to OUTtvGo, our subscription video on demand service.

IS OUT TV free?

OUTtvGo is a Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) with LGBTQ-focused programming including TV series, movies and documentaries – available to watch ad-free, in any place, at any time. … There are two type of OUTtvGo subscriptions to choose from: Monthly Subscription: $3.99/month (Plus Tax)

What happened to Peach Tree TV?

On April 30 Peachtree TV (channel 410) is being discontinued by our upstream provider and will no longer be available to Mascon. Mascon is always on the look out to add new HD channels and upgrade existing SD channels to HD.