Quick Answer: Who Is Tamara Berg Married To?

Did Eileen Javora have a baby?

KCRA 3 First Alert meteorologist Eileen Javora gave birth to a baby girl very early Tuesday morning.

Hazel weighs 7 pounds, 5 ounces.

Javora and her husband say they’re incredibly happy..

How old is Deirdre Fitzpatrick?

53 years (June 7, 1967)Deirdre Fitzpatrick/Age

Did Tamara Berg have her baby?

This month, we welcomed a new member to the KCRA family, baby Alexander Lee. Meteorologist Tamara Berg spoke about what her life has been like since giving birth to her baby boy on Nov. 7.

What is Eileen Javora doing now?

Eileen recently ‘retired’ from KCRA-3 in Sacramento after 13 years as an on-air meteorologist. She lives in El Dorado County with her husband Justin Boeger, 4th generation winemaker and co-owner of Boeger Winery, and their two little girls. She is now learning the family business of farming grapes and making wine.

Who is Teo Torres married to?

Teo Torres Wife and Children Aaron Torres born in 1997, Tristin Torres born in 2000, and Trey Torres born in 2006. They also have four dogs: Ricky, Desi, Boo, and Chanel.