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Host Anne RobinsonWhere ‘The Weakest Link’ Original Host Anne Robinson Is Now and Why She Left the Show. When NBC recently revived the TV quiz show The Weakest Link, they put Jane Lynch at the helm.

13 episodesProduction on the new season, set for 13 episodes, will begin later this year.

So every now and then a player who feels that they might get their question wrong will ‘bank’ that pot before being asked the question. Banking it transfers the balance at that point into the prize money available to the winner. Then if he/she does indeed get the question wrong they will not have lost anything.

What is the most money ever banked on Weakest Link?

$43,000In the recently aired episode of ‘Weakest Link’, the contestants managed to bank only a measly $43,000 through the course of the game. The winner, Tracy, managed to take home the prize money after her opponent Cecil failed to answer a question correctly.

The lowest amount won on the daytime version was $1,000, while the highest was $53,000. The highest amount won on a Celebrity Edition of the show was when LeVar Burton won a “Star Trek Stars” edition with a pot of $167,500.

What game shows are currently casting?

Think You’re Smart Enough to Win a Game Show? These 7 are Casting OnlineMatch Game. Alec Baldwin hosts the most recent revival of this iconic game show. … $100,000 Pyramid. … Survivor. … Idiotest. … Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. … Jeopardy! … Wheel of Fortune.Nov 2, 2016

What happened to the original host of Weakest Link?

Robinson hosted The Weakest Link until 2012 when her contract ended. She returned in 2017 to host the show’s Children in Need Celebrity Special. Despite having a long career as a host, her time wasn’t without its controversy. She was accused of making several homophobic remarks during episodes of the show.

76 years (September 26, 1944)Anne Robinson/Age

Unlike the original version, the top prize money available increases after each round. The top prize money starts at $25,000 in round 1 and increases by $25,000 per round until round 4. The top prize money in rounds 5 and 6 is set at $250,000 and $500,000, respectively.

1,693The Weakest Link/Number of episodes

Occasionally, the host gives the correct answer whether the contestant is able to answer the question correctly or not. The round automatically ends if the team successfully reaches the maximum amount for the round before the allotted time expires, and the next person says “Bank”.

If you think you have what it takes to win, check out the application poster below or email WeakestLinkCasting@gmail.com. Weakest Link sees a team of contestants work together, answering questions to build up a bank.

Weakest Link (American game show)Weakest LinkPresented byAnne Robinson George Gray Jane LynchNarrated byJohn Cramer (2001–02, NBC) Lisa Friedman (2002–03, syndication) Debra Wilson (2020–, revival)Theme music composerPaul FarrerCountry of originUnited States21 more rows