Quick Answer: What Nationality Is Erika Arias?

How old is Rachel Piscitelli?

29 years oldRachel Piscitelli Age She was born on July 23, 1991, in Connecticut, United States.

Rachel is 29 years old..

What happened to Todd Piro on Fox?

Todd Piro has been missed on his normal morning slot Fox & Friends First this week. Many fans are wondering what happened to Todd Piro on Fox News. Well, we have good news, Piro became a father in November and is taking time off for paternity leave to cover his wife, Amanda Raus.

Who is Erika Arias married to?

Paul AriasShe is a married woman. Erika is married to her lovely husband named Paul Arias. The couple is blessed with two daughters, namely; Annika and Julia.

Did Erika Arias have a baby?

Erika Arias Husband – Fiance The couple is blessed with two daughters and a son. Two daughters namely Annika Louise Arias and a little girl Julia Ryann.

Where is Amanda Raus?

Amanda Raus, 37, is an American journalist. She currently works as an anchor for Fox 61 News in Hartford, Connecticut.

Where is Aisha mbowe?

Aisha Mbowe joined the 7News team in November 2020 as a reporter. Aisha comes to Boston from Hartford, Connecticut where she was a weekend anchor.

Did Amanda Raus have a baby?

Amanda Raus, Todd’s wife and fellow Fox anchor, gave birth to their baby girl in November 2020. The little girl is named McKenna and from a post on Amanda’s Instagram, Amanda took her maternity leave directly after she was born.