Quick Answer: What Happens If I Stop Recharging Tata Sky For Some Months?

What is the minimum charge for Tata Sky?


50 packThis means that Tata Sky subscribers will have to recharge their accounts with a minimum of Rs.

50 pack..

How can I reactivate my Tata Sky set top box?

How to refresh Tata Sky account after recharge? To refresh your Tata Sky account, just give a Missed Call to 9040590405 from your registered mobile number and wait for 2 or 3 minutes. Your Tata Sky account will refresh in a short time.

Can I recharge Tata Sky for 10 days?

Yes there are a number of weekly or 10 days recharges available with Tata Sky and you can recharge it anytime s per your need and requirement. You can choose from any of the packs available through http://mytatasky.com and cancel it by calling customer support whenever you don’t want it anymore.

What is Tata Sky binge plus?

What is Tata Sky Binge+? Tata Sky Binge+ (Android Box) combines the benefits of DTH and OTT enabling the subscriber to watch both linear channels (broadcasted via satellite) and OTT content (via internet) from popular apps on a single screen.

How can I deactivate Tata Sky permanently?

How do I deactivate the Tata Sky connection permanently? Just stop recharging your account and stop attending calls from Tata sky. Your account will deactiate and finally your account will be cancelled/closed permanently.

What happens if Tatasky is not recharged?

There is no penalty if you don’t use and recharge Tata sky account for a month or two.

How can I deactivate Tata Sky One month?

News ColumnistLog in to my tatasky.com,Choose Contact us option,Click on New request.Nature of Request –> My Account Related.Type of Request –> Temporary Suspension.Select the account you want to Suspend,Select reason of suspension,Choose suspension Start & End Date.More items…•Aug 12, 2019

What are the channels in Tata Sky 199 pack?

Tata Sky 199 Channels List&pictures.&Pictures HD.&tv.&tv HD.10TV Telugu News.9X Jalwa.Aaj Tak.Aakash Aath.More items…•Jun 1, 2020

What is Tata Sky 99 pack?

Tata Sky My 99 Pack Offers (April 2021): Flat Rs. 100 Cashback On TV Recharge. DTH Mobile Recharge and Bill Payments.

How do I surrender a binge on Tata Sky?

If the Subscriber wishes to discontinue using the Service during Free Trial, the Subscriber will have to call the customer care helpline on 18002086633 for the same at any instant during or after the free trial period.

Can I stop my Tata Sky for few days?

As mentioned before, Tata Sky allows its customers to temporarily suspend their account with this offer. The maximum time that a user can suspend their account is five days. This will come in handy when you are away for a few days and don’t want that annual recharge plan to go waste.

Can we transfer Tata Sky balance?

Balance in Tata Sky account cannot be withdrawn or transferred, the only way to get that money back is by cancelling or surrendering the connection. After submitting cancellation request, the pending balance will be refunded to your bank account.

What happens if a Tata Sky account deactivated?

What happens if a Tata Sky account deactivates? Deactivated account stands for no balance or negative balance. It means some or the other deduction must have happened. It could be your daily deduction too which is called as dbr (daily burn rate), same is differ from package to package.

How can I suspend my Tata Sky resume?

​ Visit the Get Help section and seek assistance from our Get Help Assistant. Choose the ‘Account & Profile’ section, where you will get the ‘Resume My Service’ option.

Is Set Top Box refundable?

The full security deposit without any deduction shall be refunded to the subscriber if he/she returns the Set Top Box at any point of time within a period of five years provided that the Set Top Box is not tampered with.

What is Tata Sky WhatsApp number?

1800 208 6633WhatsApp – Type Registered Mobile Number and send to 1800 208 6633.​

Can we pause Tata Sky subscription?

Login to your Tata Sky account. ​ Visit the Get Help section and seek assistance from our Get Help Assistant. Choose the ‘Account & Profile’ section, where you will get the ‘Suspend My Services’ option.

How can I start Tata Sky after long time?

​To avail the service, you can use any of the following options:Give a missed call from your registered mobile number to 080-61-9999-99.Send an SMS from your registered mobile number TOPUP to 56633​​Send a WhatsApp message Top UP to 1800​Login to your Tata Sky account.