Question: Where Is Wwmt?

What Channel Is CBS in Michigan?

channel 62WWJ-TV, virtual channel 62 (UHF digital channel 21), is a CBS owned-and-operated television station licensed to Detroit, Michigan, United States….WWJ-TV.Detroit, Michigan United StatesAffiliations62.1: CBS (O&O) 62.2: Start TV 62.3: Dabl 62.4: Fave TVOwnership22 more rows.

What channel is Wwmt?

channel 3WWMT, virtual channel 3 (VHF digital channel 8), is a dual CBS/CW-affiliated television station licensed to Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States and serving the Grand Rapids–Kalamazoo–Battle Creek television market. The station is owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group.

How do I stream Wwmt?

You can stream WWMT on your Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android/iOS devices, and web browser (since they’re all supported by Hulu with Live TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV).

What Channel Is CBS in Grand Rapids Michigan?

Stations for Grand Rapids, MichiganDisplay ChannelDigital ChannelCall SignWWMTKALAMAZOO, MI03-18.3CBS03-28.4CW03-38.5Comet141 more rows

Who is Hannah Knowles?

Hannah Knowles is a reporter on the General Assignment team. Before joining The Washington Post in June 2019 as an intern, she worked at CBS News, the Sacramento Bee and her hometown paper, the Mercury News.

Is Kate Tillotson leaving Wwmt?

KALAMAZOO, MI — Kate Tillotson, a former evening anchor of WWMT-TV (Channel 3), has moved to the East Coast for a new job. … “I want to thank West Michigan for inviting me into their homes each and every night and lending me their eyes, their ears and also their opinions,” Tillotson said.

What happened to Erica Mokay?

Anchor Erica Mokay was broadcasting from home and got caught off guard by a technical glitch. The station was airing a lengthy and informative report about the COVID-19 virus hitting Plainwell meat-packing company. As the report ended, Mokay’s computer gear started to freeze up.

Who is leaving Wwmt?

Randi BurnsRandi Burns announced Sunday on her facebook page that she is leaving to be closer to family, 18 months. I have had 18 months to experience the beauty of West Michigan. When I went into news, my goal was eventually to get as close to family as possible in my career.

How do I get broadcast channels?

In this article, I’ll share the best free and cheap ways that cord-cutters can watch broadcast TV.Antenna. Do you live in a city or the suburbs? … Live TV Streaming. If you don’t want to go the antenna route, there are several live TV streaming services that offer local channels. … Locast. … Hulu On Demand. … Network Apps.Mar 10, 2021