Question: How Do I Contact 60 Minutes About A Story?

Why is 60 minutes all reruns?

mtnagel Well-Known Member.

For as long as I’ve been involved with 60 MINUTES (15 years) and even further back, 60 MINUTES has always been primarily repeats of pieces between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

The studio leads and tags are new and track changes are made, mostly for time references..

How do I complain to CBS All Access?

You can also call Customer Service at (888) 274-5343, 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. ET, and we’d be happy to assist you over the phone. Your experience with CBS All Access is very important to us, and we hope to resolve this issue soon. We look forward to assisting you.

How do I contact CBS Sunday morning show?

Contact InformationADDRESS: CBS News Sunday Morning. … E-MAIL: Log on to the CBS Store or call 1-800-542-5621.TRANSCRIPTS: 1-800-777-TEXT.Charles Kuralt’s Memorial Fund. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. … About Our Sun Images. … Photos of sun artwork can be directed to:Jul 9, 1998

How do I contact Face the Nation?

Feel free to call us at (202) 457-4481, email us at or tweet us @facethenation.

How do I get in touch with the news?

Most news organizations publish an email or phone number for tips on stories. Use this email or phone number to contact the press and tell them about your story. Some newspapers and magazines will list their contact information on the back or inside of the first page.

How do I contact problem solvers?

Customer Support. 877-997-2572.Follow Us. Facebook.Find a Retailer.Headquarters. 6400 W 105th St. Bloomington, MN 55438.

How do I send an email to CBS?

Contact InformationCBS Evening News, Weekdays editions:ADDRESS: CBS Evening News. … E-MAIL: ALERT: Know of a scam that needs investigating? Tell us about it! … PHONE: (212) 975-3247.TRANSCRIPTS: 1-800-777-TEXT.CBS Evening News, Saturday and Sunday editions:ADDRESS:More items…•Aug 1, 1998

How do I email CBS Sunday Morning?

You can email your ideas to us at

Where is 60 minutes showing?

60 Minutes (Official Site) Watch on CBS.

Can i stream 60 minutes live?

Your best option for watching 60 Minutes is through streaming hardware. Whether you’re looking at picking up the Fire TV or Roku Ultra, you’ll be able to watch 60 Minutes. CBS offers an app for both of these devices called CBS All Access, which is where you’ll be able to watch 60 Minutes without any problem.

Is 60 minutes the longest running TV show?

A pioneer of the “newsmagazine” format, 60 Minutes is the longest-running primetime show in American television history.

How do I report a story to local news?

Contact a local media outlet to tell your storyCall or email. The contact details for most media outlets should be readily available on the website. … Think about what you want to say. Take a few minutes ahead of your interview to think about anything you want to say and topics you don’t want to discuss. … Take a movement to say it out loud. … Be yourself. … Debriefing.

How do I get in touch with CBS?

Contact CBS: Find below customer service details of CBS TV Network, US, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. … Head Office. CBS Corporation. … Customer Service. Phone: 1-888-274-5343 (CBS All Access) … About CBS TV Network.

Which 60 minutes reporters have died?

Katherine “Katy” Textor, the dedicated producer who collaborated with Morley Safer over his last years on CBS’ 60 Minutes, died Friday of cancer at New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Where is the headquarters of CBS?

New York, New York, United StatesCBS/Headquarters

Who are the 60 minutes reporters?

The correspondents and contributors of 60 Minutes are Sharyn Alfonsi, Anderson Cooper, John Dickerson, Norah O’Donnell, Scott Pelley, Lesley Stahl, Bill Whitaker, and L. Jon Wertheim.

How do I get in touch with Channel 2 news?

Here is a list of important KPRC 2 phone numbers: To phone in a news tip, call: 713-222-NEWS (713-222-6397). General newsroom phone number: 713-778-4910. Newsroom fax number: 713-771-4930.

How can I watch last night’s 60 Minutes?

If you missed last night’s 60 Minutes, you can catch the full episode at

What year did 60 minutes begin broadcasting?

1968It debuted in 1968 on CBS and has become one of the most successful programs in broadcast history.

How do I contact CBS News about a story?

You can always send us a tip via