Question: How Do I Add Apps To My Xfinity Flex?

Which apps are available on Xfinity Flex?

Xfinity Flex lets you easily access all your favorite apps and networks, including Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Paramount+, Spotify, HBO Max and more.

You also have access to over 10,000 free shows and movies, including 200 channels, from free apps like XUMO, Tubi and Pluto..

How do I connect to Xfinity Flex?

Activation ProcessActivate your Xfinity Internet. … Connect the HDMI cable from your TV to your Xfinity Flex streaming device. … Plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet and connect the other end to the USB-C port on your Xfinity Flex streaming device. … Your Voice Remote comes installed with two AA batteries. … Power on the device.More items…

What apps can you use with Xfinity?

Weather Channel (Available only on Android TV)…Each network lists this information on its Help or FAQ page.A&E.ABC.Adult Swim.AMC.American Heroes Channel.Animal Planet.BBC America.Big Ten Network.More items…

Is HBO max free with Xfinity Flex?

HBO® Max, a new streaming service from WarnerMedia, is now available on Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex, directly alongside all of the other programming customers receive as part of their TV subscription and from our growing library of OTT partners.

How do you add apps to Xfinity?

Install the Xfinity Stream App from Google Play Scroll through the search results to find the Xfinity Stream app. Tap the XFINITY Stream icon to open the app page. Tap Install from the Xfinity Stream app page to download and install the app to the device.

Can you download apps on flex?

And the best part? All the apps are automatically loaded onto your Flex device, so there’s no need to download each app individually. Just sign into your accounts and all your favorite TV, movies, music, podcasts and more are ready to stream, right from your TV.

Is Disney plus available on Xfinity Flex?

Once the apps are available to Comcast customers, X1 and Flex users can access Disney Plus or ESPN Plus by saying “Disney Plus” or “ESPN Plus” into the Xfinity Voice Remote or by saying the name of a title from one of the streaming services (e.g., “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier” or “Stephen A’s World”).

Can I add Disney plus to Xfinity?

Although you can’t get Disney Plus directly on Xfinity, that doesn’t mean Xfinity customers can’t access the service entirely. You can even install the Disney Plus app on your smartphone or tablet and watch your favorite titles independently from your Xfinity setup.

Can I add Hulu to my Xfinity apps?

Go to the Apps & Subscriptions Management menu on your Xfinity Flex streaming device or Xfinity X1 TV Box. Find it under Apps & Subscriptions in Flex Settings. You can also find it by saying “Manage Hulu” into your Xfinity Voice Remote. Once there, select Resubscribe and follow the onscreen prompts.

How do I get Xfinity Flex?

To get Xfinity Flex, go to and select Get Flex or contact us. Search less and watch more with a better way to stream – ​Xfinity Flex. A voice-controlled 4K streaming device that puts all your favorite streaming apps in one place on your TV.